Prices of our French & English Bilingual Mini-nurseries in London

Les Petits Bellots Pricing

Les Petits Bellots’ packages benefit parents as well as little ones! As we guide and support your children in their development and learning journey within a safe, stimulating and caring environment, you as a parent can also enjoy precious moments that will help you feel rejuvenated and ready to continue with the amazing yet exhausting job that is being a parent!

The happiness of our children is paramount, and they need a happy, confident, well rested and present parent to love, nurture and look after them. Allowing yourself some ‘me time’ once or more times a week, for a few months or a year can be life-changing. By looking after yourself and your well being you will be showing your children just how much you care – so there shouldn’t be any guilt involved – you truly deserve this!

Whether you use this precious time to relax, take some time out, continue a hobby that was put on hold, or learn something new, you will notice the differences within your physical, psychological and emotional health. Our packages are great value for money and your child will benefit from getting more time with their new friends! (Please see pricing attached).

Perhaps you have other little ones and it’s hard to cope with so many demands. Or perhaps your ‘other baby’ is indeed a business venture. If you have a family member you help take care of, or if you simply need some peace of mind to go to GP or other healthcare appointments… knowing that your child is in good care is priceless and life should become much easier!

Here is a list of a few suggestions of how to fill all the lovely free time you’ll have once your child is in the safe hands of Les Petits Bellots, having a great time over the two-hour sessions:

  • Read a book
  • Take singing lessons
  • Learn a language
  • Start your own business
  • Catch up with a friend over coffee
  • Dentist appointment
  • Watch a film
  • Meditate
  • Visit a gallery/museum
  • Work uninterrupted
  • Clean the house
  • Take your pet to the vet
  • Go to the Bank
  • Batch cook for the week
  • Attend a job interview
  • Go back to work
  • Walk in the park
  • Exercise
  • Pamper yourself
  • Get a massage
  • Shop!
  • Learn a craft
  • Play golf
  • Take a nap


It has been proved by many studies that bilingualism or exposure to a second language and socialisation in early childhood have many benefits for children; it helps them to:

  • Develop better communication skills, and so they are more likely to empathise with others.
  • Develop a strong sense of their cultural identity, which can improve their mental health and establish a strong sense of self-worth.

Being exposed to a new language or becoming a bilingual speaker improves:

  • The cognitive function, linked to critical thinking and problem solving.

As they develop and pick-up social cues, children will learn what behaviours or reactions are
appropriate, and which ones aren’t.

At Les Petits Bellots, we guide and support children in their development and learning journey
in a safe, stimulating and caring environment. The happiness of your children and the quality
of our work are our priorities.

We offer three different packages to help children start off their educational route the best possible way:

3 months: Discovery/Researcher Chercheur: 13 weeks
  • Begins creating social relationships
  • Discovery of a new environment and new games/activities
  • Building trust with new careers
  • Initiation/Introduction to a new language
6 months: Explorer – Explorateur: 24 weeks
  • Socialisation: beginning of social relations within a small group
  • Integration of the crèche routine (security, benchmarks…)
  • Develops self-confidence by discovering new abilities (stimulating activities offered according to the child’s individual needs)
  • Develops vocabulary and learns a second language through play
12 months: Adventurer – Aventurier: 37 weeks
  • Sense of belonging to a group: creates relationships through role play, interactions
  • Gain stable marks (environment, professionals, routine) within the crèche
  • Solid and strong relationships built with carers
  • Develops skills through long-term experimentation, experiences and discovers motor and intellectual skills
  • Develops self-esteem through pedagogical activities adapted to their psycho-emotional development
  • Understands instructions and vocabulary in a second language by expanding their knowledge

Bonuses: 1 session Free (minimum booking of 4 sessions);
Presents (e.g. French reading or activity book), certificate;
& Priorities to catch up missed sessions (depending on availability)

The more your child(ren) attend our sessions, the more they will benefit from their learning experience. They will be able to consolidate their new skills and build a strong foundation for their development. The more exposure they have, the more confident they will become, demonstrating great growth and progression.

As parents, you will also benefit from more “me time”, which is a real treat! As we are truly passionate about our work, and simply want the best for all children, we are making sure that the larger the package, the bigger the reduction in price, making them great value for money.

Please note that we have a minimum session requirement in order to sign up, of 2 sessions a week.

Please note that we are happy to offer you a 10 % discount if you recommend us to someone who signs up at least for a term.

We offer different packages to help children start off their educational route the best possible way, over a select number of mornings, and location dependent:

1 Term –> 11 Sep – 22 Dec
No. of Sessions
Primrose Hill
Pricing (2h/session)
Notting Hill
Pricing (3h/session)
2 sessions per week28£1,680 £2,688
3 sessions per week42£3,906
4 sessions per week56£5,040
5 sessions per week70£6,090

Each session is 2 hours.

Payments must be made upfront.

Term breaks/holidays 2022-2023

24-30 October

19 December – 8 January

13-19 February

3-16 April

1st of May

29 May-4 June

Please get in touch to check availability at your venue of choice!

*Please note prices do not include our Administrative fee of £60. Minimum sign up requirement is of 2 sessions. Prices are applicable for Autumn Term 2022

See Packages for Primrose Hill here and Notting Hill here.

Can I book a taster class?

Yes. Please contact us for further information on our taster session fees, which depend on location.

Do you accept ad hoc sessions?

Yes, depending on availability. We often know in advance if a child registered for the term will be absent, enabling us to offer ad hoc sessions, prices depend on location.

Do you offer sibling discounts?

Yes, we do. Please contact us for details at

Do sessions only run during term time?

Yes, term-time only.

How many weeks are there in each term?

11 to 13 weeks.

How can I pay?

By bank transfer. Parents who register online will also be able to use PayPal. We accept childcare vouchers.

What happens if I go on holiday or if my child is ill?

We have a no refund policy for any illnesses, absences or cancellation.

Please see our FAQs for more information or contact us for a chat

To find out more, email