How to build up a child’s immune system

Did you know that you can help your child build a stronger immune system?  

The immune system is made up of organs, tissues, cells and proteins. Its primary role is to detect and remove foreign substances which have entered the body.

We all know that children tend to get sicker when starting a new collective environment such as creches, nurseries, or schools. This is because their immune system is young, immature and takes a bit of time to learn what infectious viruses look like.

The common parent’s wish would be to try and keep their child in a “safe bubble” so no infections can get in. But, when a child is exposed to a bug for the first time, the immune response is not as quick, or as strong as with a second infection by the same bug.

Which is the main reason why a young child who has not had much “infection experience” is more prone to infection. With age and time, more and more viruses will be seen and recognised, and the immune system will start to work better. This means that in the long term, children will have more benefits from early exposure (creches, playgroups, nurseries, even having pets such as dogs and cats are known to help, as they bring bacteria from outside).

how to build up a child’s immune system? Here is a list of other tips to help you build your child’s immunity:
  • ensure plenty of rest;
  • exposure to fresh air;
  • avoid a stressful environment;
  • have good hand hygiene;
  • offer a healthy diet;
  • avoid sugar;
  • offer a sane/healthy home environment;
  • encourage exercise.

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