Why we love Hampstead

Hampstead children’s activities

Hampstead offers a peaceful, and idyllic village setting just a few miles away from Central London and buzzy areas like Camden.

It is situated right next to Hampstead Heath park, one of the biggest parks in London.
The Heath provides sprawling countryside in a busy city setting; 800 acres of open space including rolling meadows, scenic trails, rugged woodland and an abundance of local wildlife.

It’s perfect for enjoying some fresh air, and taking your little ones on adventures.

Another great place to explore is the secret Hill Garden and Pergola in Hampstead. This gem has everything from a raised walkway with flower-draped pergolas to a reflecting pond.

Head to Parliament Hill for sweeping views of London or visit one of three public ponds where many go for a dip, and one – the lido – is specially made for families.

Visit the Golders Hill outdoor zoo, where you can see different types of birds, deers, wallabies, donkeys, and lemurs.

There’s definitely a French influence around Hampstead, and one of the places it can be experienced is at the La Creperie de Hampstead. Try my favourite: the hazelnut cream crunch!
You can find plenty of restaurants and cafes in the high street, which will be child friendly; as well as kids shoes and clothes shops, toys and book shops.

They have a community center offering playgroup sessions, cooking classes, and art and craft for children. And there are also a few playgrounds around like Downshire Hill, the vale, Parliament Hill playground and paddling pool, Golders hill playground, or Spedan close playground.

One thing is for sure, you won’t get bored or disappointed in Hampstead!

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