How to entertain a child in london

Fun Activities For Children in London

Children are eager to learn, their brains absorb new information very quickly, and they are very curious. Luckily, there are plenty of fun and educational activities around to fulfil their learning needs.

To start with, try one of these museums! Sometimes it’s hard finding the right word of way to pass children certain information. I find museums’ displays great for that.

Burgh House And Hampstead Museum: they make it super interactive for children with their “family trail”, old-fashioned costumes to try on, toys to play with, pictures of objects in the collection to colour in as well as a beanbag and books to read and enjoy. They also organize events and workshops for the whole family.

Natural History Museum

There are great sensory and interactive things all around the museums. The dinosaur gallery is usually children’s favorite, along with the “creepy crawlers” and the butterflies area. They also run additional activities every day, especially during school holidays

Another great interactive place for children to know more and experience the world around them is KidZania.
Children get to dress up and try all the different professions out there such as doctor, fireman, fashion designer, librarian and so much more.

If you are looking for energy-burning and extra fun activities, have a go at skiing in Chelsea (Chelski indoor ski slopes), zip lining and outdoor parkour (in Battersea park), or rent a pedalo in Hyde park! You’ll build amazing memories and have lots of laughs.

And when you want some quieter ideas, why not try going to the movies or theater? You can find some pretty cool child-friendly ones.
Try everyman Hampstead, Odeon in Primrose hill, Picture house in Fulham, and cine Lumiere in Chelsea for cinemas. For theaters, try The good walk in Hampstead, LAB Little and Beautiful near Primrose hill, and Chelsea theater.

London is full of culture, entertainment, and fun when you know where to look (which is basically around every corner). So take advantage of it, go out for an adventure that will bring magic into your child’s eyes!

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