A great alternative to a bilingual nursery in London

A bilingual nursery isn’t the only option in London for your little one to learn French. We look at why bilingual creches offer an excellent alternative to the traditional nursery setting.

Choosing childcare is one of the most important decisions a parent will make.

Building the foundation for your child’s education in a setting that supports your child, your family and your lifestyle is so important.

Childcare is essential for working parents, but increasingly seen as advantageous for stay-at-home parents too who wish to add time to their day, and enrichment to their child’s life.

Nurseries in London vary greatly in terms of provision and quality, and require research to fully analyse and understand how best they can support your child. The parent is often committed to sending their child for an extended day, sometimes starting at 8am and not finishing until 6pm.

Crèches offer an alternative setting to a nursery, offering flexible hours, a shorter day and the chance for the parents to remain onsite, if they choose to. They will take children aged from six months and will support them until they start school. Recent research has shown that children who attended a crèche, found it easier to adjust to formal schooling, allowing children to see adults as mentors able to provide positive guidance.

Bilingual nurseries and crèches in London are an increasingly popular choice amongst the many options out there.

They offer children aged six months and up the benefit of being exposed to French and English, building their confidence to try another language. In these early years, children develop the skills and attitudes they need to succeed in school.

As we live in an increasingly global society, more children are being exposed to more than one language, with French being one of the most popular choices. Research shows the benefits are wide ranging and include bilingual children being able to focus more clearly and ignore distractions, through to improved social sensitivity.

Bilingual crèches offer children the chance to learn songs, rhymes and simple vocabulary, building their confidence and motivating them to learn more language at a later stage in their education. They can improve your previous experiences within a traditional bilingual nursery setting, by offering a supportive and nurturing environment, with the flexibility of ad hoc child care in a small class setting.

Les Petits Bellots is an independent, multi-branch, bilingual mini-creche located in London, welcoming children aged 6 months to 4 years. To find out more, please contact us on telephone: 07401 862 326 or email: info@lespetitsbellots.com.

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