Les Petits Bellots, a novel and reliable childcare alternative!

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Who are we ?

learning and growing together

Les Petits Bellots is a new type of childcare who offers a perfect solution for parents who do not want to commit to long term nursery care and need some time for themselves.  Our mini-crèche is located in Primrose Hill. We welcome your children from the age of 6 months old up to 4 years old.

Our aim is to nurture happy, confident children who take an interest in their surroundings and interact positively with others. This is achieved through free play and structural activities. We want to foster independence and give children an opportunity to learn another language at a very young age where they are the most receptive.

Les Petits Bellots mini-crèche consists of an experienced, qualified and dedicated team of people, both English and French who work together with complementary skills to ensure the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of children. Each member of staff is fully aware that the safety and welfare of the child are paramount.

The principal, mum of two young children is a qualified Early Years Educator, a registered childminder with Ofsted, and has more than 4 years experience in childcare.

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