2 hours of rest for you, lots of fun for the little ones!

Les Petits Bellots is a lovingly run bilingual mini-nursery.

  • located in Primrose Hill and Notting Hill
  • welcoming children from the age of 6 months to 3 years
  • offering flexible and reliable short term childcare services with a qualified and experienced team.

In 2 hours, little ones can have:

  • free play
  • story time
  • dancing
  • structural activities within bilingual sessions in French and English, which helps children’s neurological development from the first months of their lives.

Les Petits Bellots aims to encourage happy, confident children to take an interest in their surroundings and interact positively with others.

Our bilingual mini-nursery consists of an experienced, qualified team of French and English-speaking staff, using their skills to ensure the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of each child. We follow the EYFS curriculum and ensure all activities are set to enable children to develop at their own individual pace. We cap the classes at 8 to 10 children, so all the children are engaged and attended to within a safe and nurturing environment.

You get time for yourself, without having to give your child up for the whole day, and your child learns French, as well as a little independence, and the ability to socialise in a happy setting.

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